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thai guy got 50 years in jail for sleeping with a minor

thai guy got 50 years in jail for sleeping with a minor..Wow, something more to it than that I think, because have heard only of sentences like this for murder or drugs something very very severe.
Like western cultures there are maximum sentences for crimes , and is it up to the judge here to impose what ever he feels like?


boy/male prostitutes, ranging anywhere from 15-25. There is a whole row of bars in the Red Light District of CM

boy/male prostitutes, ranging anywhere from 15-25. There is a whole row of bars in the Red Light District of CM that is designated especially for homosexual foreigners called the Night Bazaar. This is where "her boys" would go every night to flirt and entice the western men. The majority of these boys though are not gay. I'm learning so much about Thai sexuality and it is so bizarre. My favorite part of these bars is that when you walk in the first one has a big sign and it reads, "Secrets--A Touch of Class." BARF.

Bangkok Pattaya DVD "PART 2

Pattaya Girls - A Tribute

Bar Areas

Bar Areas
Walking Street

The Pattaya city fathers and tourist operators like to believe Walking Street is internationally famous. It’s a little like so many things across the planet billed as being ‘world famous’. OK, let’s dispense with the world famous tag for starters. Spot the odd one out: Disneyland, Taj Mahal, Pyramids, Eiffel Tower, Walking Street, McDonalds, Route 66. Chances are a straw poll of 1,000 people would have heard of six of the seven: Walking Street would be the odd one out. In other words, it is not world famous. Patpong in Bangkok is, arguably, far more famous than Walking Street. All that said, Walking Street in south Pattaya leaves Patpong (and Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy, the other two foreign-oriented nightlife areas in the capital) for dead.

It starts gently enough with a couple of beer bars, live music venues, and restaurants as well as routine businesses in the first 50-60 metres. Then it becomes increasingly bar oriented with go-go’s, beer bars, touts, female barkers with toothy smiles holding signs, and neon flashing everywhere. It is an assault on the senses and for most first-timers it can be a daunting and confronting experience. At the beginning of 2006 there were 43 go-go bars in and around the Walking Street area. The rest of the city had 24.

Beer Bars

Although tourist numbers grow year on year, the number of beer bars in Pattaya has exploded since the millennium and now number more than 800 spread between Naklua and Jomtien and between Beach Road and out to Third Road and beyond. Turn down almost any back soi in Pattaya and you are likely to stumble across a beer bar. So what are they? At their most basic, a small enclosed space with seating for 10-20 customers on stools surrounding the bar, a couple of fridges, a TV (usually tuned to a Thai channel) and girls who run the gamut from young to ancient, thin to fat, beautiful to past-their-use-by-date, good English and dressed-to-kill to fresh off the farm.

They serve beer, usually in bottles as many of them are not set up to handle draught. They also serve any other drink you fancy, from coffee and tea and soft drinks to spirits. The drinks prices vary depending on the beer bar location. Many places have an all-day happy hour policy designed to catch the early birds; perhaps the best known are Wonderful Bar, Wonderful Bar 2 (both on Second Road between Sois 13/1 and Soi 13 and Eagle Bar in Soi 7. Most girls working in a beer bar start work between 4:00 and 5:00 pm. The real stars might not come to the bar until 7 or 8:00 pm. Freelancers, who will work out of a series of bars in different areas, will turn up whenever they feel like it. The salary for most beer bar girls is not much more than 3,000 baht a month. Where they make their money is via tips and lady drinks, and being bought out of the bar by customers.

Go-Go Bars

At the beginning of 2006 Pattaya was blessed (or cursed, depending on your point of view) with around 67 go-go bars. The vast majority of these and easily the best versions are on or about Walking Street. Although the city fathers have been touting Pattaya as a family destination for the past few years, the reality has seen a huge growth in beer bars and go-gos. In 2005 alone, more than a dozen opened their doors just on Walking Street. Go-go bars are enclosed, air-conditioned venues featuring dancers who take turns hanging on to a chrome pole while dressed in a g-string bikini in most places and sometimes a lot less. Most times there are 8-10 girls on stage and as each song ends generally one or two come off stage for a rest and are replaced by one or two fresh dancers.

Not all go-go bars are worth visiting, while many others should not be missed. There are those best visited in the afternoon, yet by early evening you’d be better off trawling through a swamp than trying to find a potential sleeping partner. Most of the go-go’s that open in the afternoon are located away from Walking Street. Tahitian Queen, Club Nevada, and Far East Rock are pretty much the pick of the small bunch. The vast majority of go-go bars don’t start until 7:30-8:00pm. Once again there are those worth a visit early in the night; others don’t seem to get into the swing of the action until after 10:00pm. Depending on the go-go bar, the selection on offer includes dancers, hostesses, showgirls, and waitresses. The bar fines are higher than beer bars, with 500 baht the industry standard, although showgirls can be 600 baht plus.

hot Asian girl in the white outfit is absolutely incredible

Ocean 10 dancers on Walking Street in Pattaya, Thailand. Unfortunately, I don’t think the club is still there anymore as last time I was in Pattaya (a few months ago), it was replaced with something else. I think that too many people were just watching the girls from OUTSIDE the bar that they never bothered to actually go in and buy some drinks.

Anyway, as for the highlights of this particular video, well, the whole thing really. The hot Asian girl in the white outfit is absolutely incredible. She has smooth skin, long hair, long legs and an amazing ass (which is showcased well by her micro booty shorts). I like the butterfly print on the back too, it’s a nice touch. You know, because in Thailand a player is known as a “butterfly” - seems appropriate for someone who fucks a new person every single night.

love the shorts that the girls wear here in Thailand

love the shorts that the girls wear here in Thailand. Seriously, their so fit and they’re certainly not shy about showing off their curves. I don’t think the girls of any other country in the world can stack up physically to the girls here in Thailand. Well, let me rephrase that and not limit it to Thailand in general, but rather, all of Southeast Asia. Cambodians, Pinay’s and Vietnamese girls are all pretty hot too.

This video is fairly decent. Decent enough to post here anyway and that’s because of all the spectacular Thai asses. Seriously, these things are good. The girl in the white shorts is well, words can’t even describe how hot she is. That would be an instant barfine if i was there, that’s for sure. Anyway, enjoy this video on the smokin’ hot soi 8 Pattaya girls.

The Thai Bar girl is the most simple girl working out from a beer bar and she can be bought from a bar for a night or more by paying a bar fine

“A bargirl is a woman who works as a hostess or dancer in bars to provide company or sexual services to patrons; the exact nature of services and varieties of bar varying by country/region. In most cases, these cater mostly to male clients, although in some cases a women are also clients.”
That is a very accurate way to describe the Thai Bar Girls but in Thailand we can separate them in too many different classes.The Thai Bar girl is the most simple girl working out from a beer bar and she can be bought from a bar for a night or more by paying a bar fine to the bar. She makes money from having sex with clients and if the clients buy her lady drinks.The Go Go girl is a girl that works in a Thai Go Go bar and “dance” on the stage with a number. She makes money the same as a bar girl but she does not have any cloth on for most of the time.The Thai free lance girl can work in any of these places or from a disco she does not have any bar fine and she work when she wants to. The hostess girl can also work in any of these places and most of them will go for clients but because they can speak better Japanese or English they fetech a better price. Many Thai girls working in Tanya Street in Bangkok are hostess and they just drink and sing with clients and no nothing more.The Sponsor girl is a freelance girl that acts like a normal girl but really is a well paid free lance girl, she will not ask for money directly but find excuses to get money or get sponsored as a girlfriend or second wife. The Thai word for this is Mia Noi (smaller wife) and you can find them everywhere. The Massage girl is a girl working in the many massage palaces in Thailand mostly catering Thai and Asian customers. She do body to body massage or special oil or bath massage.
There is also Karaoke, CafĂ© and Cocktail girls but they almost are exclusive for Thai clients and don’t not speak much Thai.

131 beggars in the capital

a recent survey showed that there were still 131 beggars in the capital despite 557 being rounded up earlier by a team led by Deputy PM Sanan Kachornprasart. Of the beggars, 23 are mostly Cambodians who will be repatriated next month, while the remainder will be sent to a shelter in Nonthaburi where officials will determine if they were involved in human trafficking and if they should be subjected to legal action, he said.The Prachabodi Centre, run by the Social Development and Human Security Ministry, reported that there were 900 homeless persons wandering the streets of Bangkok, and that many of the so-called beggars came from two villages in the Northeast.

Boy Girl Dancers

Boy Girl Dancers






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